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    Results of the Kinrooi trial

    You will find the results of the Kinrooi trial here:


    The status for the Kingscup part 2 2018 is published:

    Kingscup 2018 D2

    results and pictures of King trial available

    DThe results of the King trial are published ( King18 ) and the status of the Kingscup challenge part 2 is also available ( Kingscup_D2 ).

    Pictures are available: pictures

    Updated Starting list King trial 2018 (25-26 Aug)

    Please find the starting lists updated on 23 Aug for the trial:

    Class 1 updated

    Class 2 updated

    King Trial 2018 (25-26 August 2018)

    Class 3 will not participate to the trial of 25-26 august. Only Class 1 and 2 will be put on the starting list. The number of participants in class 1 and 2 are big enough to fill up the agenda of the weekend.

    Registration for Kingscup trial in Kinrooi (15-16Sep) Cl 1-2-3

    The Kingscup trial 2th part on 15/16-Sep will take place in Kinrooi in the Horkerstraat 6.

    Registration is possible until 9 september.


    Fee per run:

    per runMembers FSBNot members FSB
    Class 110,00 €12,50
    Class 212,5015,00
    Class 315,0017,50 €

    Payment on location


    Results essene trial available

    The results of the KC 2018 part 1 final from the Essene trial are made available.

    Results Essene 9-10 June

    Results KC final with 8 competition days

    KC Final (8 competition days)

    Starting List Essene trial (Final Kingscup)

    Starting list Class 1

    Starting list Class 2

    Starting list Essenetrial 2018 CLASS 1
    Sat 9 & Sun 10 June
    Jury: Eliane Verboven course director: Pascal Avoux: 0478/599423
    Briefing: Sat 09:15 Sun 09:15
    Gino Van EeckhoudtLynn9:30:0012:04:00
    Tineke EeckhoutJim9:37:0011:57:00
    Andre De LombaertBel9:44:0011:50:00
    De Braekeleer GuidoMatz9:51:00
    Els LyphoutLB Leffe9:58:0011:43:00
    Katrien Van Den BergeTess10:05:0011:36:00
    Bart BuylePedro10:12:0011:29:00
    Greet NeirinckxFlick10:19:0011:22:00
    Els LyphoutGlen10:26:0011:15:00
    Gino Van EeckhoudtNess10:33:0011:08:00
    Lus VercruysseMo10:40:00
    André RamaekersGizmo10:47:0011:01:00
    Kristel Van SchaverbekeTorr10:54:00
    Els LyphoutRoca Marie11:01:0010:54:00
    Brigitte DoyeLily11:08:0010:47:00
    Lus VercruysseCap11:15:00
    Joris BroesKate11:22:0010:40:00
    Harry JanssensZora11:29:0010:33:00
    Philippe DumoulinJet11:36:0010:26:00
    Muriel VansimaeysLou11:43:0010:19:00
    Raf DewinterMaeglin Luke11:50:0010:12:00
    Jessica WiemansLad 10:05:00
    Ignace De CockJill 9:58:00
    Sofie StrauvenJake 9:51:00
    Eddy KestemontNell11:57:009:44:00
    Philippe DumoulinTodd12:04:009:37:00
    Jacqueline Van DamEimear12:11:009:30:00
    Frank LotensKeda12:18:00

    Starting list Essenetrial 2018 Sat 9 & Sun 10 June CLASS 2
    Jury: Eliane Verboven course director: Pascal Avoux: 0478/599423
    Briefing: Saturday 13:05:00 Sunday 12:50:00
    Arjan VenemaLink13:18:0017:25:00
    Katharine WheelerBob13:27:0017:16:00
    Nele Van MeulenbekeJack13:36:0017:07:00
    Pascal AvouxSpot13:45:0016:58:00
    Kristel DesmetZiko13:54:0016:49:00
    Gino Van EeckhoudtBlue14:03:0016:40:00
    Nathalie De SpaDot14:12:0016:31:00
    Guy Van CutsemSem14:21:0016:22:00
    Bea AppeltansLynn14:30:0016:13:00
    Gerard KokkedeeLiv14:39:0016:04:00
    Nathalie De SpaBig Ben14:48:0015:55:00
    Hans KievitMist14:57:0015:46:00
    Frank GommersLotje15:06:0015:37:00
    Guy Van CutsemSpot15:15:0015:28:00
    Alain CoolsJerry15:24:0015:19:00
    Freddy StaelensJake15:33:0015:10:00
    Gerard KokkedeeCap15:42:0015:01:00
    Jacqueline GalandCap15:51:0014:52:00
    Rudi CollinJim16:00:0014:43:00
    Steven JanssensNseb16:09:0014:34:00
    Freddy StaelensJim16:18:0014:25:00
    Carina Van MeerbeekKite16:27:0014:16:00
    Sander WiemansNewton Bob 14:07:00
    Jan CroimansMaggie 13:58:00
    Chris De WildeNina16:36:00
    Johny Dugardijnmoss16:45:0013:49:00
    Rudi CollinDenwyn Spyke16:54:0013:40:00
    Sandra NowakMadoc17:03:0013:31:00
    Francis KrautObi17:12:0013:22:00
    Marc Van Der MeerenMaefi17:21:0013:13:00
    Ben De KerfZiva17:30:0013:04:00
    Duration Run 00:09:00

    Results of the St Ferdinands trial 2018

    You will find the results of the trial here


    King Trial 2018 (25-26 August 2018)

    our sponsor

    A beautiful trial that will take place in the rural locality of Nederhasselt on 25 and 26 August 2018.

    Organisation: Eeckhout Tineke (king’s petfood), Arjan Venema, Kevin Willems, Nele Van Meulebeke, Gino Van Eeckhoudt

    Location: put "Keienberg 67, Nederhasselt" in the GPS. Parking and camping will be located on the opposite side. You can reach the trial field by foot 200 meter further in the "Wijwaterstraatje". The field is owned by the Van Der Schueren family. It is a nice place to be and you can eventually go for a walk.

    This trial is part of the King’s cup and is intended to replace the cancelled STC trial.

    Camping is possible but there is no electricity available.

    Catering is foreseen.

    Course director: Eeckhout Tineke.

    Jury: to be defined.

    Sheeps: to be defined.

    There is a challenging outrun for Class 2 (and eventually Class 3 even more). There is an undulation at the end of the field what makes that the handler can still see the sheeps but the dog only partially. The dog will be blind in the case of Class 3.

    Priority will be given to Cl1 and Cl2. Class 3 will complete the registration list according availability. Registration will be opened on Monday 21 May.

    Registration through the FSB site.


    Payment in advance on account number BE85 7360 4516 7106 (Tineke Eeckhout) (BIC is KREDBEBB). No start if not paid. Closing of the registration: 12 August.

    The trial field and the parking field are normally used to grass. It is MANDATORY to clean up dog's excrements. Exclusion of the tiral in case of failing in doing so. Bags will be made available and pannels will remind the public to respect this rule.

    Registration fee / runMember FSBNot member FSB
    Class 1€ 10,00€ 12,50
    Class 2€ 12,50€ 15,00
    Class 3€ 15,00€ 20,00


    Essene Trial 2018 - Final Kingscup 2018 part 1

    Our sponsor

    Essenetrial 2018

    9 - 10 Juin

    Trial class 1 - 2

    Final Kingscup 2018 Part 1

    Organised by VZW Schapendrijvers Denderstreek

    Under the auspices of


    Field ASBL Schapendrijvers Denderstreek


    1790 Essene(Affligem)


    Registration only through the FSB site


    Registrations will be open as from 16 April. FSB members have priority until 23 April.


    Fee (run) :

    Member FSB

    Not member FSB

    Class 1

    € 10,00

    € 12,50

    Class 2

    € 12,50

    € 15,00

    Your registration is final from the moment we receive your registraiton fee. Ypu wil receive more information by the confirmation email of your registration.

    Your payment of the registration fee is expected BEFORE 30 May at the latest.

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