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    Dender Trial 2018 - Pre Qualification for EC 19 - Registrations are open

    Dender Trial 2018

    29 & 30 SEPTEMBER

    Trial Class 3

    Pré-Qualification EC 2019

    CLASS 1 and CLASS 2 filling up the trial

    Organisation Schapendrijvers Denderstreek

    Jury: Piet Heuvelman Course Director: Pascal Avoux(0478/599.423)


    Elingenstraat, Oudenaeken (Sint-Pieters-Leeuw)


    Registrations only trough the FSB site

    Registration FSB FSB members have priority during the first week

    Your registration is only final after receipt of a confirmation email and the payment of your registration fee on account : BE80 0017 2254 3477 BIC:GEBABEBB

    Price by run:Member FSBNot member FSB
    Classe 3€15,00€20,00
    Classe 2€12,50€15,00
    Classe 1€10,00€12,50

    in collaboration with the Federatie Schapendrijven België

    Important update!! Chalengers cup is delayed to 4-5 Aug and not 11-12 Aug

    The challengers cup is delayed until 04-05 Aug due to the tropical heath. We will even cancel the trial if the temperature remains that high during that weekend.

    The earlier communication concerning the rescheduling on 11 and 12 August is not applicable anymore.

    All the handlers that registered for the trial will receive an email during next week with the request to confirm their participation on 4 and 5 august.

    Team Trial 2018

    After years where only class 3 handlers were addressed by our organisation we will invite this year handlers of all the classes. We ask them to register as a team with 1 handler Class 1, 1 handler Class 2 and 1 handler Class 3.

    What is the aim? We want to offer an opportunity to handlers that have some fear to participate to feel more comfortable on the trial field by participating in a team context.

    Registration will be done by team. The total of the points collected by the different handlers will be totalized and the teams will be ordered by their result.

    The class 3 handler is allowed to coach on the field the members of his team. The participating team may however not receive direct commands from the coach. Class 2 and class 3 handlers will receive additional points related to the coaching.

    The classic rules will be applied.

    Class 1 (less experience): outrun - drive - pen

    Class 2: outrun - drive - shedding - pen

    Class 3: outrun - drive - shedding - pen - single

    Payment is required to confirm your registration and is due before 7 Sep at the latest.

    The payment fee is for the team/day :

    Members FSB 40 €

    Not members FSB 45 €

    Registration via

    the trial takes place on 22 and 23 Sep on the address :

    BoenderStraat z/n, 3670 Meeuwen

    IMPORTANT: the trial of 28 and 29 July is delayed to 11 and 12 Aug.

    Challengers Cup Binderveld

    The trial planned on 28 and 29 July is cancelled and rescheduled on 11 and 12 Aug due to the hot weather in order to care for the animals.

    Their health is our highest priority..

    We will keep the registration list of july for participation in August and ask to each participant to confirm or to cancel his registration. An individual email will be sent soon to request that feedback.

    With many thanks for your understanding

    Waterloo trial 2018 18-19 Aug

    Chris Caerts organises together with the FSB and the Scottish Days Hougoumont 2018 an international trial Class 3 in the unique historical sit of Waterloo.

    The trial field is challenging by nature but also due to the huge amount of visitors (more than 6000 !!)

    Add to this the inevitable nostalgy of the historical site where the heroic Scottish soldiers join our valorous Border Collies.

    Registration at RegForm

    (members FSB have priority during the first week).

    Payment on location.

    18-19 August

    address: Ferme de Hougoumont

    Chemin de Goumont

    1420 Braine l'Alleud.


    Starting list Balen Trial available (24-25 Mar) KINGCUP

    The starting lists for the Balen trial are available

    Starting list Balen 18 Cl 1

    Starting list Balen 18 Cl 2

    Balen trial (24-25 Mar) is open for registrations


    Address : Olmsebaan 273, 2450 Meerhout

    Sheep: Kempense jaarlingen (+:- 1 year old)

    Catering: available

    The trial Bosdreefhoeve foreseen on 24 and 25 March has been cancelled. A new trial will be organised on the same dates for Class 1 and Class 2 in Balen.

    Members FSB have got 5 days earlier access on the registration form. There are maximum 50 runs a day possible.

    Registration can be done with the link: (available as from 3 March at 8 AM to non-members and members on the site, via the calendar or through the BLOG).

    Payment on location. Possibility to camp with Mobilhome.


    ClassMember FSBNot MembersFSB
    110 €12,5 €
    212,5 €15 €

    Results of the St Patricks trial are available (17-18 Mar)

    The results of the St Patricks trial are available (17-18 Mar) under the following link:


    Pictures of the event are


    Changes in the agenda for the Kelchterhoef trial (6-8 April)

    The organizer of the trial has decided to add an additional day for the handlers of class 3. Friday was added for them so that Saturday and Sunday are exclusively reserved for Classes 1 and 2 handlers. The field has however a limited outrun capability of 250 m.

    The class 3 handlers that already registered for Saturday and Sunday will receive soon an email with the demand to confirm the switch to Friday. The webmaster will then take further care for the modification of the registration.

    Classes 1 et 2 will keep their registration on Saturday and Sunday for the Kingscup.

    We were able, thanks to this change, to register all candidates on the effective list.

    See you soon

    Info Kelchterhoef Trial ( a Kingscup trial)

    Kelchterhoef trial 2018 (Kingscup)

    7 Apr - 8 Apr

    Open Class 1 - 2 - 3

    i.s.m. Federatie Schapendrijven België

    location :


    3530 Houthalen (Kelchterhoef)

    Registration :

    Registration only through website FSB


    Registration is open as from Saturday 3 March 2018 (08.00 AM)

    Latest date to register is Saturday 24 March 2018 ;

    price run/day :

    members FSB

    not members FSB

    Class 1

    € 10,00

    € 12,50

    Class 2

    € 12,50

    € 15,00

    Class 3

    € 12,50

    € 15,00


    Info :

    FSB members and Cat 1 and 2 have priority.

    This means that members FSB for Class 1and 2 will be placed on the effective list immediately after registration as long as places are available.. Class 3 handlers together with not members FSB will be palced on the reserves list until 10 March.

    Available places on 10 Marc will be filled up out of the reservelist in the order of registration.

    The fill up of categorie 3 will be done out of the reservelist with priority for the members FSB.

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