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    Results of the Belgian Championship during the Pinkster trial are available

    You will find the results here

    Clinic Vielsalm (03-04 Nov)

    Salm Sheepdogs and Rosa Canina will organize a clinic with Laura Hinnekins later this year.

    When: 03-04/11 (possibility to add 02/11 if needed)
    Where: Vielsalm (Big field)
    Fee: 90€ (inclusive a small lunch at noon)

    Contact and registration:

    News from Continental in the Czech Republic (by Joan Verlinden)

    Dear handlers,

    The website of the CCSC 2018 is online and the last days extremely active.

    The link is only in the Czech language but will be very soon complemented with an English version. You can in the menatime use google translate to help you out. followed by the input of .

    Take care: there is a mistake on the first page: the trial will take place from Thursday 23 until Sunday 26 August



    We came across some changes in the regulations for the Continental trial.
    There will be three days of qualification this year.
    The six best results of each day will participate to the finale on Sunday. There will be 18 finalists instead of 16.

    The method used to define the starting order will also be adapted this year. Idea is to have a startlist that is less predictable and biased. The detailled description will be described in a document that will soon be published on the website of the CCSC.

    The organizing country will however open as first participant each trial day.

    It appears that room was found to organise a young handlers competition in 2018. The age to be entitled to participate is not yet published but should be announced very soon.

    .... to be continued

    Results of the St Ferdinands trial 2018

    You will find the results of the trial here


    King Trial 2018 (25-26 August 2018)

    our sponsor

    A beautiful trial that will take place in the rural locality of Nederhasselt on 25 and 26 August 2018.

    Organisation: Eeckhout Tineke (king’s petfood), Arjan Venema, Kevin Willems, Nele Van Meulebeke, Gino Van Eeckhoudt

    Location: put "Keienberg 67, Nederhasselt" in the GPS. Parking and camping will be located on the opposite side. You can reach the trial field by foot 200 meter further in the "Wijwaterstraatje". The field is owned by the Van Der Schueren family. It is a nice place to be and you can eventually go for a walk.

    This trial is part of the King’s cup and is intended to replace the cancelled STC trial.

    Camping is possible but there is no electricity available.

    Catering is foreseen.

    Course director: Eeckhout Tineke.

    Jury: to be defined.

    Sheeps: to be defined.

    There is a challenging outrun for Class 2 (and eventually Class 3 even more). There is an undulation at the end of the field what makes that the handler can still see the sheeps but the dog only partially. The dog will be blind in the case of Class 3.

    Priority will be given to Cl1 and Cl2. Class 3 will complete the registration list according availability. Registration will be opened on Monday 21 May.

    Registration through the FSB site.


    Payment in advance on account number BE85 7360 4516 7106 (Tineke Eeckhout) (BIC is KREDBEBB). No start if not paid. Closing of the registration: 12 August.

    The trial field and the parking field are normally used to grass. It is MANDATORY to clean up dog's excrements. Exclusion of the tiral in case of failing in doing so. Bags will be made available and pannels will remind the public to respect this rule.

    Registration fee / runMember FSBNot member FSB
    Class 1€ 10,00€ 12,50
    Class 2€ 12,50€ 15,00
    Class 3€ 15,00€ 20,00


    Starting lists Pinkster trial 19-21 May (modified)





    Starting list Class 1

    6 th pinkstertrial Duffel

    address: spoorweglaan Duffel (same field as in 2017)

    Jury:Kevin Willems course director: Ines Broes (0494109178)

    Starting list Class 1 : Sunday 20 may briefing +/-15.15 hr (modified on 13 May 21.45 Hr)


    Handler Dog Sunday Monday OC
    1.Christine Reiner sophie 15.24
    2.Ria van der Vall gringo 15.30
    3.Jacqueline van Dam eimear 15.36
    4.Beatrix Bauman milton 15.42
    5. Ria van der Vall ls fleet 15.48
    6.Filip Vandamme nel 15.54 9.12
    7.Muriel Vansimaeys lou 16.00 9.06
    8.Anja Vermeire roy 16.06 9.00
    9.Els Lyphout LB leffe 16.12 8.54
    10.Gino Van Eeckhoudt lynn 16.18 8.48
    11.Hugo Sas spot 16.24 8.42
    12.Katrien Van den Berge tess 16.30 8.36
    13.Andre Ramaekers gismo 16.36 8.30
    14.Els Lyphout glen 16.42 8.24
    15.Tinneke eeckhout jim 16.48 8.18
    16.Bart Buyle pedro 16.54 8.12
    17.Gerda Luypaers joe 17.00 8.06
    18.Joris Broes kate 17.06 8.00

    Starting list Class 2

    6 th pinkstertrial Duffel spoorweglaan duffel (same field as in 2017)

    Jury:Kevin Willems course director: Ines Broes 0494109178

    Starting list Class 2 :Saturday 19 may briefing 6.45 hr discovery of the field before the briefing

    Handler Dog Saturday Monday OC
    1.Arjan Vennema Link 7.00 12.36
    2.Kristel Desmet Ziko 7.06 12.30
    3.Katharine Wheeler Bob 7.12 12.24
    4.Gino Van Eeckhoudt Blue 7.18 12.18
    5.Nathalie de Spa Dot 7.24 12.12
    6.Kim Oele Treye 7.30
    7.Els Wippo Socks 7.36 12.06
    8.Luc Raedemaeckers Sky 7.42 12.00
    9.Nathalie de Spa Bib Ben 7.48 11.54
    10.Nina Kole Jinu 7.54 11.48
    11.Peter Kole Kinloch Leith 8.00 11.42
    12.Steve Janssens Nseb 8.06 11.36
    13.Raf Dewinter Coal 8.12 11.30
    14.Johny Dugardijn Moss 8.18 11.24
    15.Nina Kole Tero 8.24 11.18
    16.Jacqueline Galand Cap 8.36 11.12
    17.Leo Vangeel Boy 8.42 11.06
    18.Filip Vandamme Gael 8.48 11.00
    19.Christian Sevenants Moss 8.54 10.54
    20.Jef Luyckx Tess 9.00 10.48
    21.Marc Van Der Meeren Maefi 9.06 10.42
    22.Guy Van Cutsem Sem 9.12 10.36
    23.Mathijs Cuijpers Clay 9.18
    24.Rudi Collin Denwyn Spyke 9.24 10.30
    25.Freddy Staelens Jim 9.3 10.24
    26.Johan Hugelier Lass 9.36 10.18
    27.Guy Van Cutsem Spot 9.42 10.12
    28.Rudi Collin Jim 9.48 10.06
    29.Freddy Staelens Jake 9.54 10.00

    Starting list Class 3

    6 th pinkstertrial Duffel

    Address: Spoorweglaan Duffel (same field as in 2017)

    Jury: David Maree, course director: Ines Broes (0494109178)

    Starting list Class 3: Saturday 19 may briefing +:- 10.15 hr

    Handler Dog Saturday Sunday OC
    1.Beatrix Bauman wassili 10.30 14.24
    2.Hugelier Johan kate 10.42 14.12
    3.Guy Van Cutsem kep 10.54 14.00
    4.Blockx Johan mirk 11.06 13.48
    5.Marc Van Der Meeren kila 11.18 13.36
    6.Ann Verhulst quinn 11.30 13.24
    7. Beatrix Bauman puce 11.42 13.12
    8.Antoine Cools usk 11.54 13.00
    9.Blockx Johan meg 12.06 12.48
    10.Eugeen Kennes jed 12.18 12.36
    11.Francis Krauth obiwan 12.30 12.24
    12.Jacqueline Galand jazz 12.42 12.12
    13.Hilde De Waerhert roy 12.54 12.00
    14.Peeters Marcel ghlen 13.06 11.48
    15.Eliane Verboven ellis 13.18 11.36
    16.Paul Wellemans lenz 13.30 11.24
    17. Jacqueline Galand neal 13.42 11.12
    18.Ronald De Beukelaer mel 13.54 11.00
    19.Peeters Marcel sweep 14.06 10.48
    20. Eliane Verboven mona 14.18 10.36
    21. Paul Wellemans olly 14.30 10.24
    22.Christine Reiner zelma 14.42 10.12
    23.Roger Franssen zohra 14.54 10.00
    24.Peeters Marcel lyn 15.06 09.48
    25.Jef Vanlaer pam 15.18 09.36
    26.Paul Van Hoof zeb 15.30 09.24
    27.robert meyers mac 15.42 09.12
    28.Anne Haag juno 15.54 09.00
    29.Ria Vrolijk jock 16.06 08.48
    30.Meik Wessendorf nice 16.18 08.36
    31.Anke Ketzberg dillan 16.30 08.24
    32.Wendy Bronsdijk ross 16.42 08.12
    33.Denis Krauth pippa 16.54 08.00
    34.Ria Vrolijk sam 17.06 07.48
    35. Meik Wessendorf elsa 17.18 07.36
    36. Anke Ketzberg jess 17.30 07.24
    37. Wendy Bronsdijk ziva 17.42 07.12
    38.Carlette van Schaick bill 17.54
    39.Ines Broes moss 18.06 07.00
    40.Erika Van der Ham moss 18.18
    41.Carlette van Schaick sharlie 18.30

    Training trial Last Minute Bovy

    Last minute training trial Bovy SATURDAY 19 MAY 2018

    Class 1

    From 9.00 hr ( until 12.00 hr)

    Class 2

    From 13.00 hr

    Max 25 runs in each class

    Please annonce your participation in advance and certainly before 16 May 2018 to

    There is no starting list, runs will start in the order of arrival.

    A ‘running up’ is foreseen for each Class.

    Payment on location: 12 € / run

    Adress: Domain Bovy,

    (in front of ) Galgeneinde 87,

    3550 Heusden-Zolder

    Please keep your dogs on the leach

    Important notice:

    The points earned during the trial will not be taken into account for promotion of the Class (the 3 time 70 points rule)

    as the trial is not recorded in the FSB calendar.

    Starting list St Ferdinand trial 12-13 May Kingcup

    Please find the starting lists for the St Ferdinand trial of 12-13 May

    St - Ferdinand trial - King cup - 12-13 mei 2018
    Sint Ferdinandstraat 1, 3560 Lummen
    Course director: Bert Mariën - 0472 58 71 75
    Startlijst klasse 1
    Briefing 7.15 uBriefing 7.15 u
    André Ramaekers/Gizmo7.30 uKristel Vanschaverbeke/Tess
    Pascal Vanbets/Cap7.37Els Lyphout/Glen
    Rutger Pipeleers/Kito7.44Rutger Pipeleers/Kito
    Muriel Vansimaeys/Lou7.51Hugo Sas/Spot
    Gerda Luypaers/Joe7.58Jos Eerdekens/Jack
    Daniël Cousin/P'Ro8.05Bart Buyle/Pedro
    Tineke Eeckhout/Jim8.12Kim Oele/Treye
    Pascal Vanbets/Ruby8.19Els Lyphout/LB Leffe
    Pia Van der Vall/Gringo8.26Greet Neirinckx/Flick
    Katrien Van den Berge/Tess8.33Lus Vercruysse/Cap
    Gino Van Eeckhoudt/Lynn8.40Jos Eerdekens/Chass
    Anja Vermeire/Roy8.47Eric van der Palen/Colby
    Hans Vanmeenen/Gael8.54
    Marc Sergeyssels/Lot9.01
    Pia Van der Vall/LS Fleet9.08Marc Sergeyssels/Lot
    9.15Gino Van Eeckhoudt/Lynn
    9.22Hans Vanmeenen/Gael
    Eric van der Palen/Colby9.29Pascal Vanbets/Ruby
    Lus Vercruysse/Cap9.36Anja Vermeire/Roy
    Jos Eerdekens/Chass9.43Tineke Eeckhout/Jim
    Jessica Wiemans/Lad9.50Daniël Cousin/P'Ro
    Els Lyphout/LB Leffe9.57Gerda Luypaers/Joe
    Greet Neirinckx/Flick10.04Muriel Vansimaeys/Lou
    Kim Oele/Treyes10.11Pascal Vanbets/Cap
    Bart Buyle/Pedro10.18André Ramaekers/Gizmo
    Jos Eerdekens/Jack10.25
    Hugo Sas/Spot10.32
    Els Lyphout/Glen10.39
    Kristel Vanschaverbeke/Tess10.46
    ST-Ferdinand trial -King cup - 12/13 mei 2018
    Sint Ferdinandstraat 1, 3560 Lummen
    Course director: Bert Mariën - 0472 58 71 75
    Startlijst klasse 2
    Briefing 11.45 uBriefing 11.15 u
    11.28 uAntoine Cools/UskBW
    11.36Kristel Desmet/ Ziko
    11.44Jan Boumans/Finn
    11.52Danny Coemans/Kit
    Sander Wiemans/Newton BobBW12.00 Steven Janssens/Dot
    Nina Kole/Jinu12.08Marion van den Berg/Winnah
    Perry Jacobs/Lynn12.16Raf Dewinter/Trigger
    Luc Raedemaekers/Sky12.24Katherine Wheeler/Bob
    Kevin Willems/Jack12.32Anja Boumans/Moss
    Johny Dugardijn/Moss12.40Johan Hugelier/Lass
    Rudi Collin/Jim12.48Steven Janssens/Nseb
    Nina Kole/Tero13.06Marion van den Berg/Hint
    Joseph Luycks/Tess13.14
    Freddy Staelens/Jake13.22Gino Van Eeckhoudt/Blue
    Guy Van Cutsem/Spot13.30Jan Boumans/Jaff
    Jacqueline Galand/Cap13.38Eric van der Palen/MaeveBW
    Rudi Collin/Denwyne Spike13.46Frank Gommers/Lotje
    Danny Coemans/Kit13.54Christian Sevenants/Moss
    Steven Janssens/Nseb14.02Arjan Venema/Link
    14.10Guy Van Cutsem/Sem
    14.18Rudi Collin/Denwyn Spike
    Freddy Staelens/Jim14.26Jacqueline Galand/Cap
    Guy Van Cutsem/Sem14.34Gerard Kokkedee/Liv
    Jan Boumans/Jaff14.42Guy Van Cutsem/Spot
    Steven Janssens/Dot14.50Joseph Luyckx/Tess
    Marion van den Berg/Hint14.58
    Gerard Kokkedee/Cap15.06Nina Kole/Tero
    Raf Dewinter/Trigger15.14Rudi Collin/Jim
    Anja Boumans/Moss15.22Johny Dugardijn/Moss
    Catherine Wheeler/Bob15.30Kevin Willems/Jack
    Johan Hugelier/Lass15.38Luc Raedemaekers/Sky
    Marion van den Berg/Winnah15.46Perry Jacobs/Lynn
    Gino Van Eeckhoudt/Blue15.54Nina Kole/ Jinu
    Eric van der Palen/MaeveBW16.02
    Jan Boumans/Finn16.10
    Frank Gommers/Lotje16.18
    Christian Sevenants/Moss16.42
    Arjan Venema/Link16.50
    Kristel Desmet/Ziko16.58
    Antoine Cools/UskBW17.06


    Class 2

    Results BBCC Classic 2018 are available


    Essene Trial 2018 - Final Kingscup 2018 part 1

    Our sponsor

    Essenetrial 2018

    9 - 10 Juin

    Trial class 1 - 2

    Final Kingscup 2018 Part 1

    Organised by VZW Schapendrijvers Denderstreek

    Under the auspices of


    Field ASBL Schapendrijvers Denderstreek


    1790 Essene(Affligem)


    Registration only through the FSB site


    Registrations will be open as from 16 April. FSB members have priority until 23 April.


    Fee (run) :

    Member FSB

    Not member FSB

    Class 1

    € 10,00

    € 12,50

    Class 2

    € 12,50

    € 15,00

    Your registration is final from the moment we receive your registraiton fee. Ypu wil receive more information by the confirmation email of your registration.

    Your payment of the registration fee is expected BEFORE 30 May at the latest.

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