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    Last opportunity to register for BBCC classic

    Jury is Frauke Sprengler.

    Only a few places left.

    Wire transfer of your registration fee can be done on account:

    IBAN number: BE29 3770 7212 2264 BIC: BBRUBEBB

    Name : Kristel Baetens

    Reference : Name + dog + date + class

    Registration fee / run (in euro):

    members BBCC/FSBNot members
    Class 315,0030,00

    Registration for the qualification trial BBCC Classic 2018 (28-29 Apr) Class 3

    Address for this EC2018 Qualification trial : Bolksedijk 12, 2310 Rijkevorsel (near RPower)

    Dear handler,

    Registration for the trial is to be done on the FSB website and confirmed by a bank transfer of the registration fee.

    Link for registration on the FSB website is :

    You will get a confirmation email with all payment details required. Your registration is complete from the moment that the payment is done.

    Payment is required before 13 april on the following bank account.

    IBAN : BE29 3770 7212 2264 BIC: BBRUBEBB

    Account name : Kristel Baetens

    Only those handlers that paid the registration fee in time will appear on the starting list.

    Reference (to mention each time) : Name handler + dog + date + class (ex: Marc Johnson + Doggy + 28 and/or 29 April + class 3)

    Registration fee (run/day) in Euro:

    Members BBCC/FSBNot members
    Class 315,0030,00

    Please mention at registration time if you expect a camping facility. Camping will probably be possible but without electricity and water.

    We draw your attention that it will be required to immediately clean up the excrement of your dog and to keep your dogs on the leash. Our agreement with the farmer owner of the field requires a hand over of a fully cleaned field. The field will not be made available in the future If this is not respected.

    There will be a dedicated place and enough waste baskets to respect the engagement.


    The trial committee of the BBCC

    The 3 Borders Trial : qualification

    John Pluta organizes on 3-4 March 2018 for the third time the 3 borders trial: Belgium -The Netherlands - Germany.

    Class 2 will run on Saturday and Class 3 on Sunday.

    We organise a qualification trial to give a fair chance to everybody to be part of the 15 handler-dog combinations that will be selected.

    This trial will be held during the already publlished Christmas trial of 16/17 Dec 2017.

    Participants that are not yet registered for the Christmas trial can do so on the link:

    Registration Christmas trial 17

    Results de dender trial are published (30 Sep- 01 Oct)

    The results of the De Dender trial are published.


    Starting list De Dender 2017

    You can find the starting list for the Dender trial 2017 here:


    Registration for de dender trial is closed (30 Sep - 01 Oct)

    List of the registrations:

    Registration for de Dender Trial is open (30 Sep - 01 Oct)


    The "Schapendrijvers Denderstreek" organise the Dendertrial on 30 September and 1 October .

    This trial is a qualification trial for the Continental 2018.

    Priority is given to the handlers that are allowed to qualify (living in Belgium for more then 12 months). The others will appear on a reserve list that will be used as from 15 Sep to fill up the starting lists where available.

    The trial will take place in Oudenaken (near St Pieters Leeuw zip 1600)

    ONLY Class 3:

    €15/run/dog for FSB members. €30,-/run/dog for non members.

    Registration is possible until 15 september.

    Jury: to be identified

    Registration is open

    Payment on the account IBAN BE80 0017 2254 3477 with mention of your name and trial De Dender 2017 (BIC GEBABEBB).

    Registrations must take place before 15 september

    There is a possibility to camp with mobilhome / caravan ....

    PS: People that already registered on the site of De Dender are already registered on the FSB site. You have not to reenter your registration.

    Starting list Vlissegem trial available

    The starting list for the Vlissegem trial (qualification EC17) is available : STARTING LIST

    Starting list for Balen trial 17-18 June 2017

    Starting list for Balen Trial (17 and 18 June 2017)


    The EC17 (Continental) qualification got his own web page

    We applied the percentage rule and explain the calculation rules for the qualification Continental on page Qualif_EC17 .

    The result of the Pinkstertrial is delivering 3 out of 7 competition days.

    The effects of the 80% rule is spectacular on the 3 dogs of Eliane!

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