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    Reminder for payment membership 2018 FSB

    May we remind you that the membership fee for 2018 was due on 28 January. Please correct your payment status rapidly in the case that you missed the deadline.

    The membership fee for 2018 is 50 Euros. The account number of the FSB is:

    IBAN: BE86 734-0187057-50 , BIC: KREDBEBB

    Your membership fee includes a membership to the ISDS which opens the possibility to register your dog and pups. A subscription of 1 year to the ISDS magazine costs 43 Euros.

    Info Bordertrial 2018

    We got the following information concerning the Bordertrial 2018

    Bordertrial 2018

    Between Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

    The 3th edition of the trial will take place on 03 and 04 March 2018 on the airport of Schinveld.

    Class 2 will start on Saturday 3 March with an outrun of 250 meter . Class 3 will follow on Sunday 4 March with an outrun of 400 meters.

    We will have an Austrian Jury: Kathrin Gleis. Kathrin is part of the Austrian team since years. She participated several times to the World and Continental championship. She gathered also an impressive jury experience by being part of the jury during the Swiss open.

    The sheeps will be "Heidschnucken".

    There are 15 distinct participant for each country.

    Registration fee is 20 Euro.

    The amount can be transferred to the account NL68INGB0007359738 from J. Pluta in Heerlen before 26 Februari

    You can make use of the camping located on the airfield. Cost will be about 9 Euro per person/ per night. Water/Showers and power supply are available.

    Please send a mail to if you want to make use of the camping facilities.

    You are expected at arrival on the tent at the training field to gather your starting number.

    The excellent catering is provided by restaurant de Lier. We hope you will enjoy the sight seeing on the airport during eating.

    Address: Leiffenderhofweg 3

    6451 PR Schinveld.

    John Pluta

    0031-6 204 207 35

    Participants list:

    Bordertrial 03 and 04 March 2018.

    NOVICE (Outrun 250 meter) Jury: Kathrin Gleis



    Handler Hond

    • Kurt Vervloessem Sid
    • Arjan Venema Link
    • Filip Vandamme Gael
    • Guy Van Cutsem Spot
    • Nathalie de Spa Dot
    • Steven Janssens Nseb
    • Francis Krauth Pop
    • Alain Cools Jerry
    • Christian Sevenants Moss
    • Ben De Kerf Ziva
    • Omer Meul June
    • Gino van Eeckhoudt Blue
    • Rudi Collin Jim
    • Johan Hugelier Lass
    • Jos Eerdekens Chass


    Handler Hond

    • Cecilie Clegg Littler Taff
    • Jan Engelmeyer Leslie
    • Christine Reiner Selma
    • Gisela Norrman Dunedin Helen
    • Stephan Lamm Fly
    • Mirka Waldmann Annie
    • Frauke Spengler Kinloch Shaq
    • Silvia Battaggia Cashew
    • Lieselotte Awater June
    • Lisa Kasel-Seibert Jean
    • Sabine Weber Anton
    • Andreas Fröhlich Gipsy
    • Carmen Ruitter Lina
    • Harald Wesemann Ginger
    • Sandra Nowak Maeglin Madoc

    the Netherlands:


    Handler Hond

    • Peter van Eekelen Meg
    • Anton Coensen Kemi Panda
    • Jan Boumans Finn
    • Tina de Brink Jess
    • Marion van de Berg Hint
    • Mathijs Cuijpers CJay
    • Eric van de Palen Mave
    • Hay Hermans Taff
    • Tom Mennen Lyn
    • Patrick Janssen Lass
    • Patricia Schripsema Fyren
    • Ellen Kraan Glencregg Luck
    • Gerard Kokkedee Lev
    • Jan Legemaat SC Mealle
    • Nina Kole Tero

    Open (Outrun 400 meter) Jury: Kathrin Gleis



    Handler Hond

    • Eliane Verboven Ellis
    • Marcel Peeters Ghlen
    • Chris Caerts Mac
    • Nele Van Meulenbeke Roy
    • Paul Reynders Mosh
    • Jacqueline Galand Neal
    • Els Lyphout Chips
    • Joris Broes Glen
    • Gerda Luypaers Jake
    • Marc Boudt Skipper
    • Eugeen Kennes Jed
    • Johan Blockx Mirk
    • Ronald De Beukelaer Mel
    • Jef Vanlaer Pam
    • Paul Wellemans Lenz



    Handler Hond

    • Cecilie Clegg Littler Flynn
    • Gisela Norrman Bogart
    • Karin Ahnemann Glencregg Silver jr.
    • Marcus Fiske Cap
    • Stephan Lamm Kate
    • Horst Ludwig Stag
    • Frauke Spengler Kinloch Ace
    • Cordula Happe-Neubert Sheephill Gem
    • Viola Hebeler Gismo
    • Sonja Müller Damon
    • Heike Kickel Kemi Swat
    • Ralf Rosik Dunedin Pip
    • Cornelia Buggea Chap
    • Anita Hermes Dan
    • Bianca JacobiSweep

    The Netherlands:


    Handler Hond

    • Caroline Visser Katniss
    • Karin de Haard Chill
    • Bianca Langras Sweep
    • Piet Heuvelman Gypsy
    • Wil Schellekens Pepe
    • Anouchka Schellekens Pip
    • Erik Groot Roy
    • Ernest Smeenk Jettro
    • Tom Mennen Mac
    • Chris van Noye Glenn
    • Patricia Schripsema Beaf
    • Serge van der Zweep Mac
    • Gerard Kokkedee Cap
    • Erik van der AA Dan
    • Marco de JongJill

    IN PDF:

    Info Bordertrial 2018(in Dutch)

    Deelnemerslijst Grensland trial 2018 (in Dutch)

    Pen for sale

    Received on the site via Contact form:"

    tradi brace pen for sale



    Two English brace for sale

    Made in wood (special for outside)

    English official trial sizing

    9 x corner pin in copper

    Corner rope

    Very beautifull and solid


    Special for sheep (legs cannot block)




    8470 GISTEL TEL 476 21 92 06



    Info about Airport Trial 2018 is available (Grimbergen 31 March - 01 April)


    31 March - 1 April

    Open trial classes 1 - 2 - 3

    In collaboration with the FSB.

    Sponsoring: Autarky

    Website Autarky

    Location :

    Airport Grimbergen
    Humbeeksesteenweg 313 , 1850 Grimbergen

    Registrations :

    registrations only at the site of the FSB/

    Registrations will be opened on Saturday 10 Feb 2018.

    The final date for registration is on Saturday 17 March: registrations after this date will not be accepted.

    Your registration is only final after reception of a confirmation email and the payment of your registration fee (more info about the payment will be mentioned in the registration confirmation email).

    Price run/day:

    Members FSB

    Non Members

    Class 1

    € 10,00

    € 12,50

    Class 2

    € 12,50

    € 15,00

    Class 3

    € 12,50

    € 15,00

    Payments on account BE18 4139 2304 3165 BIC KREDBEBB (Ann Verhulst)
    Information : 0475 49 61 71 (Joan) / 0477 49 87 05 (Ann)

    40 sheep fences stolen


    Last night,40 fences were stolen from my training field located in Wavre near the RTBF/VTM
    Please find a picture of the fences that were stolen

    If you notice or hear about selling 40 pieces of fences on Ebay, Kapaza or other sites, please let me know immediately. If you are active in the "sheep world" and hear something suspicious about this, please let me also know.

    Thanks a lot ! Nicole Morsaint (Mobile 0479/ 96 14 24) <>.

    Registration for the St Patrick trial are complete (after 1 day!). Registration for reserve list is possible.


    Registrations for the St Patrick's trial 17 - 18 March in Vielsalm are open

    See poster for additional info


    Address: Ville-du-Bois 173, 6690 Vielsalm

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