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    Laura Hinnekens is qualified for the National team of Scotland

    Laura Hinnekens left Belgium some years ago to go to Scotland herding with her dogs. We all remember the beautiful results that she obtained in the Belgian trials but what she achieved last week is really great. Qualifying with a 15th place on a total of 150 participants in the National team of Scotland is just fantastic. Just have a look to all the great names that are the colleagues of Laura in the National team and you will not be able to resist to give Laura a big applause. The FSB team will support Laura in September and we wish her a beautiful result on the International Welsh competition! PS:Last Wednesday , Laura participated to the brace competition (whereby 2 dogs execute a synchronous outrun). Although she got a "Time" the public stand up in the tribune to congratulate Laura for her perseverance. Well done Laura!

    2017 National Team

    Scottish National 2017 team

    National champion, W.J. Welsh, Jim, 198;

    2, N. Campbell, Cass, 194;

    3, R.B. Henderson, Skid, 192;

    4, A.D. Carnegie, Linburn Rook, 190;

    5, D.S.M. Macauley, Mitch, 188;

    6, P. Martin, Jill, 186, OLF 87;

    7, N. Campbell, Gus, 186, OLF 82;

    8, K.R. Donald, Choc, 183;

    9, A. Welsh, Don, 182;

    10, J. Hill, Sid, 180, OLF 89;

    11, I. Wilkie, Floss, 180, OLF 88;

    12, E.A.J. MacLean, Dan, 176;

    13, A.R. Mundell, Taff, 175, OLF 86;

    14, I.M. Brownlie, Tib (Alt), 175 OLF 82, Drives 53;

    15, L. Hinnekens, Meg, 175 OLF82, Drives 47;

    Reserve, J.W. Common, Grit, 174.

    Brace champion, Julie Hill, Molly & Sid, 239;

    Reserve, Peter Martin, Jen & Jill, 179.

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