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    Start list FSB Trial 24-26 Nov 2017

    To the participants of the FSB trial 2017,
    First a big thank you to:
    • the organizers of the Airporttrial that agree to share their field for the trial,
    • the sheep of Chris Caerts,
    • the sponsors,
    • the catering team Marianne and Hugo,
    • the helpers: set up, scribes, points registration, course directors, jury
    • and of course ... the many participants.
    We tried to give priority to the FSB members when taking the short days of the season into account.
    As a consequence some participants of the reserve list were excluded of the starting lists.
    We however arranged the start list in a manner that at least 2 days of participation are still possible..
    Price proclamation happens each day. We count on the winners to be present at the proclamation.
    We also have a surprise that will be selected daily among the participants of the day.
    We hope that you will enjoy a fine day and .... let the best team win!

    FSB vzw.

    List Fri 24 Nov

    List Sat 25 Nov

    List Sun 26 Nov

    Results Halloween trial 2017 are available

    The results for the Halloween trial are available:

    Results Halloween 17

    Results for the Jalhay trial

    We got the resuylts for the Jalhay trial. We didn't receive the detailled results like lift, fetch... We will add this level of detail when points are made available.

    The results by run/day/weekend are available at the following link: Results Jalhay 17

    Christmas trial - Closing and proclamation Kingcup 2017

    Registration: FSB Website

    Payment on location

    Class 1 : member FSB 10 € Not member 12 €

    Class 2 : member FSB 10 € Not member 15 €

    Class 3 : member FSB 15 € Not member 20 €

    Possibility to camp (mobilhome)

    Startlist Jalhay is available in Version 2

    Jalhay Startlist

    Results Belgian Championship Class 3 are available

    The results of the Belgian Championship 2017 Cl 3 are available. See link: Results

    We didn't get the detailled results (level of outrun, lift, fetch .... points).

    The results render therefor only the totals for Saturday, Sunday and the Weekend.

    The results of the Binderveld trial are available

    You will find the results under the following link: results

    Startlist Belgian Championship is available

    please find the starting list for the Belgian Championship

    Start list Belg Championship Cl3

    Introduction of a new Kingcup trial : the Labyrinth (9-10 Dec)

    Date : 9 – 10 december

    Name : Labyrinth-trial (Kingcup)

    Organisatie : Kalissehof SC

    Location : Steenstraat 90 Kortemark

    Info :

    Registration on the FSB site until 15 Nov (followed by a reserve list registration). Payment is required to confirm your registration. Account: BE73 7775 2365 2960 from Hans Vanmeenen(please mention name participant and the dogname).


    Latest date for registration is 15 Nov 2017

    Priority can be given to already registered participants to the Kingcup due to the limitation in daylight (van 8u45 tot 16u30) .

    Class 1 = members €10 / not members 12,5 €

    Class 2 = members €12.50 / not members 15 €

    Organisator : Kalissehof Schapendrijven Club

    Address: Steenstraat 90 Kortemark

    Catering hot meals is available in a heathed Cantine in front of the trial area.

    Camping facility for mobilhome or caravan : please contact :

    Jury: to be defined.

    FSB Trial 2017 announced (24-25-26 Nov)


    on Friday 24 November – Saturday 25 November – Sunday 26 November 2017

    The FSB organizes 3 consecutive days of competition for classes 1-2-3

    Airport Grimbergen
    addres: Humbeeksesteenweg 313, 1850 Grimbergen

    Registration: via FSB website

    - FSB members have priority until 10/11/2017
    - Not Belgian /not members will be added for the vacancies in the order of registration time.
    Fee: FSB members Cl 1 and Cl 2 - 10 € not members: 12.5 €
    FSB members Cl 3 - 15€ not members: 20 €

    there will be a price ceremony each day
    where each participant can be elected for a price (will be drawn by a neutral hand)

    The members of the board of the FSB thank you for your participation and contribution.

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