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    Résumé of the Qualification trial of 26-27 Jun (Meerhout)

    The last trial for the EC18 in the Czech republic was a thriller!!

    The field of 400 meter was a real challenge for the handlers and their dogs. The sheeps were placed in an identical starting position thanks to the beautifull work of the supporting handlers.Well done!
    The trial: exciting until the last minute when 15 potential candidates are fighting for 8 available seats for the EC18 .
    The field but even more the distance and the sheep appeared to be severe judges. Hilde de Waerhert with Roy, Paul Reynders with Mosh, Johan Blocks with Mirk and Jef Van Laer with Pam experienced some difficulties with these factors.

    Even Marcel Peeters with Ghlen, future "teamcaptain", experienced a terrible start with a cross during the outrun.

    The experienced handlers and dogs were on top on Saturday Nicolas Annoloro of France with Pearl (n.b. a Belgian dog), Chris Caerts with Mac and Marcel Peeters with Sweep obtained a place on the podium.

    Ross and Arran Games were on duty as judges and came from South-Wales.

    Sunday was a heavy day for the sheep. The heat and the distance cause many lifts and fetches to be problematic. Many dogs lost their temper and hurried up with the sheep not necessarily along the right way. This cause quite bad results on the fetch.
    Paul Vanhoof with Zeb and Ines Broes with Moss showed during the 2 days remarquable runs. They knew that this was vital for the selection and the nervosity was great in waiting for the final results.
    The trial was finally won by Nicolas Annoloro of France with Pearl, Chris Caerts with Mac and the same Nicolas wih Judy.

    More important is the result of the qualification for the EC18.

    10 handler-dog combinations are selected for the 8 effective places in the team.
    remarkable: 5 of the 10 selected dogs are linked to Pero of Chris Caerts. Means a good end of carreer for the dog!

    - Marcel Peeters with Ghlen and Sweep
    - Eliane Verboven with May Ellis and Mona
    - Chris Caerts with Mac and Per
    - Jef Van Laer with Pam
    - Ines Broes with Moss

    res: - Johan Blocks with Mirk

    - Paul Vanhoof wih Zeb

    Congratulations and success in August !!

    Info Challengers Cup 2018 Binderveld

    Challengers Cup Binderveld

    ( Saturday 04/08 and Sunday 05/08 ) UPDATED

    Trial for practice Cl 1, Cl 2 et Cl 3

    Location: Near the Hoevestraat 67 in Binderveld / Nieuwerkerken

    Camping possibility but no electricity.

    Caterig is foreseen.

    Registration fee : ( to be paid at location)

    Member FSB CL 1: 10 euro (not-members FSB: 12,50 euro)

    Member FSB CL 2: 12,50 euro (not-members FSB: 15 euro)

    Member FSB CL 3: 15 euro (not-members FSB : 17,50 euro)

    Registration is open from now (Monday 25 June).

    Priority for registraiton to the members of FSB during the first week.

    Registration through the FSB Site ( )


    Registration will be closed on sunday 15 July at 24.00 Hr.

    Maximum 60 runs a day.

    The ISDS Badges arrived

    We got the ISDS badges for 2018. Members can collect them through a member of the board.

    Starting list Qualification EC18 during Meerhout trial 23-24 June (NEW VERSION)

    please find the starting list in a new version (16 June 2018)

    Meerhout trial

    MEERHOUTTRIAL23-24 June 2018
    Last qualification trial CSC 2018
    Haverdonkseweg 46 te Meerhout.i.s.m.
    Briefing 8.30u . Start wedstrijd 9uFSB
    gsm:+32(0)497 43 57 09
    1Guy Van CutsemSpot9u36
    2Robert MeyersMac1224
    3Antoine CoolsUsk2412
    4Paul ReyndersMosh3617u
    5Marc Van Der MeerenKila4848
    6Guy Van CutsemKep10u36
    7Ann VerhulstQuinn1224
    8Hilde De WaerhertGaz / Roy2412
    9Marcel PeetersGhlen3616u
    10Eliane VerbovenEllis4848
    11Johan BlockxMirk11u36
    12Chris CaertsMac1224
    13Jef VanlaerPam2412
    14Marcel PeetersSweep3615u
    15Eliane VerbovenMona4848
    16Johan BlockxMeg12u36
    17Chris CaertsPero1224
    18Paul WellemansOlly2412
    19Marcel PeetersLyn3614u
    20Paul Van HoofZeb4848
    21Marc BoudtSkipper13u36
    22Jacqueline GalandJazz1224
    23Paul WellemansLenz2412
    24Ines BroesMoss3613u
    25Rudi ColinDenwyn Spyke4848
    26Francis KrauthObiwan14u36
    27Marc BoudtRob1224
    28Jacqueline GalandNeal2412
    29Ronald De BeukelaerMel3612u
    30Rudi ColinJim4848
    31Stephan LammFly15u36
    32Nicolas AnnaloroPearl1224
    33Johny Dugardijnjack2412
    34Marc BoudtArrow3611u
    35Eugeen KennesJed4848
    36Stephan LammMeg16u36
    37Nicolas AnnaloroJudy1224
    38Cordula Happe- NeubertIce2412
    39Ria VrolijkSamniet10u
    40Alain CoolsJerry4848
    41Stephan LammKate17u36
    42Roger FranssenZohra1224
    43Cordula Happe- NeubertGem2412
    44Ria VrolijkJockniet9u

    Qualification trial for Continental 2018 (23-24 Jun)

    Chris Caerts and his team will organize together with the FSB on 23-24 June 2018 the fourth and last qualification weekend for the European Continental championship in the Czech republic.

    Location: The trial of 23-24 juni will take place in Haverdonkseweg 46 , Meerhout.

    Briefing 830h . Start competition 9h

    The trial will be run with "Kempische heideschapen" on a quite challenging field.

    Jury are Ross and Arran Games from Wales . The participants will have this year again the opportunity to win beautifull prices.

    The trial will be exciting until the latest run that can decide who the last member of the team will be. We wish everybody a lot of success.

    Registration via site Registration.

    Priority will be given during the first week to the FSB members that are belgian residents.

    Results essene trial available

    The results of the KC 2018 part 1 final from the Essene trial are made available.

    Results Essene 9-10 June

    Results KC final with 8 competition days

    KC Final (8 competition days)

    Starting List Essene trial (Final Kingscup)

    Starting list Class 1

    Starting list Class 2

    Starting list Essenetrial 2018 CLASS 1
    Sat 9 & Sun 10 June
    Jury: Eliane Verboven course director: Pascal Avoux: 0478/599423
    Briefing: Sat 09:15 Sun 09:15
    Gino Van EeckhoudtLynn9:30:0012:04:00
    Tineke EeckhoutJim9:37:0011:57:00
    Andre De LombaertBel9:44:0011:50:00
    De Braekeleer GuidoMatz9:51:00
    Els LyphoutLB Leffe9:58:0011:43:00
    Katrien Van Den BergeTess10:05:0011:36:00
    Bart BuylePedro10:12:0011:29:00
    Greet NeirinckxFlick10:19:0011:22:00
    Els LyphoutGlen10:26:0011:15:00
    Gino Van EeckhoudtNess10:33:0011:08:00
    Lus VercruysseMo10:40:00
    André RamaekersGizmo10:47:0011:01:00
    Kristel Van SchaverbekeTorr10:54:00
    Els LyphoutRoca Marie11:01:0010:54:00
    Brigitte DoyeLily11:08:0010:47:00
    Lus VercruysseCap11:15:00
    Joris BroesKate11:22:0010:40:00
    Harry JanssensZora11:29:0010:33:00
    Philippe DumoulinJet11:36:0010:26:00
    Muriel VansimaeysLou11:43:0010:19:00
    Raf DewinterMaeglin Luke11:50:0010:12:00
    Jessica WiemansLad 10:05:00
    Ignace De CockJill 9:58:00
    Sofie StrauvenJake 9:51:00
    Eddy KestemontNell11:57:009:44:00
    Philippe DumoulinTodd12:04:009:37:00
    Jacqueline Van DamEimear12:11:009:30:00
    Frank LotensKeda12:18:00

    Starting list Essenetrial 2018 Sat 9 & Sun 10 June CLASS 2
    Jury: Eliane Verboven course director: Pascal Avoux: 0478/599423
    Briefing: Saturday 13:05:00 Sunday 12:50:00
    Arjan VenemaLink13:18:0017:25:00
    Katharine WheelerBob13:27:0017:16:00
    Nele Van MeulenbekeJack13:36:0017:07:00
    Pascal AvouxSpot13:45:0016:58:00
    Kristel DesmetZiko13:54:0016:49:00
    Gino Van EeckhoudtBlue14:03:0016:40:00
    Nathalie De SpaDot14:12:0016:31:00
    Guy Van CutsemSem14:21:0016:22:00
    Bea AppeltansLynn14:30:0016:13:00
    Gerard KokkedeeLiv14:39:0016:04:00
    Nathalie De SpaBig Ben14:48:0015:55:00
    Hans KievitMist14:57:0015:46:00
    Frank GommersLotje15:06:0015:37:00
    Guy Van CutsemSpot15:15:0015:28:00
    Alain CoolsJerry15:24:0015:19:00
    Freddy StaelensJake15:33:0015:10:00
    Gerard KokkedeeCap15:42:0015:01:00
    Jacqueline GalandCap15:51:0014:52:00
    Rudi CollinJim16:00:0014:43:00
    Steven JanssensNseb16:09:0014:34:00
    Freddy StaelensJim16:18:0014:25:00
    Carina Van MeerbeekKite16:27:0014:16:00
    Sander WiemansNewton Bob 14:07:00
    Jan CroimansMaggie 13:58:00
    Chris De WildeNina16:36:00
    Johny Dugardijnmoss16:45:0013:49:00
    Rudi CollinDenwyn Spyke16:54:0013:40:00
    Sandra NowakMadoc17:03:0013:31:00
    Francis KrautObi17:12:0013:22:00
    Marc Van Der MeerenMaefi17:21:0013:13:00
    Ben De KerfZiva17:30:0013:04:00
    Duration Run 00:09:00

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