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Bovy Cl1-2 2020Bovy Cl1-2 2020Bovy Kl1-2 2020

    BC Class 2 WSL Diest trial 2020

    Belgian Championship Class 2
    Eventualy completed with Class 1 handlers
    Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 octobre 2020

    Beringenbaan 37, 3290 Diest

    Belgian Championship class 2, participants will execute on Saturday 1 run and on Sunday 1 run.
    The final race will be organised on Sunday for the 5 best participants. The award ceremony will take place after the race with the awarding of the cup.
    Registration and rules via the FSB ( )
    Registration will open on Monday 14 September.


    Registration closes on Friday, October 2.
    Overnight camping possible (no electricity or water provided).
    Participation in the entrance fee
    FSB member: 15 euros / run
    Non member of the FSB: 17.50 euros / run
    Payment of the registration fee only to the following account, no later than 2 October
    IBAN; BE 43 7390 1056 3301
    With indication: BK KL 2 WSL
    Your registration will only be accepted after receipt of a confirmation email.

    (Participants who are not yet domiciled in Belgium for 12 months on the date of the competition cannot participate) see the complete rules on the FSB website.
    Mouth mask: compulsory at all times !!!
    It is preferable to bring your own chair.
    Catering: drinks are provided, no food.

    Start list for Belgian Championship 2020 Cl3

    Briefing at 7.30 Hr on location - start immediately after briefing.

    List (sequence - see front number - starting list - duration by participant +/- 25 min

    1 Filip Vandamme Gael 50 36
    2 Guy Van Cutsem Kep 55 34
    3 Nathalie de Spa Dot 61 61
    4 Roger Franssen Zohra 69 27
    5 Guy Van Cutsem Sem 70 56
    6 Paul Van Hoof (Jock) Zeb 71 39
    7 Jef Vanlaer Pam 72 38
    8 Rudi Collin Tom 77 31
    9 Chris Caerts Mac 86 38
    10 Nathalie de Spa Big Ben 94 68
    14 Els Lyphout LB Leffe 102 53
    12 Marcel Peeters Ghlen 137 66
    13 Chris Caerts Glen 145 72
    11 Eliane Verboven Vita 150 80
    15 Eliane Verboven Ellis 152 71
    16 Rudi Collin Denwyn Spyke 174 76

    Starting list Essene trial Belg. Championship Cl 1 (12-13 Sep)

    Essene trial Belg. Championship Cl 1 + open Class 2 starting list (12-13 Sep) starting list

    Points trial Belgian Championship Cl3 are available online

    To read the points online pliase use te following link onlinepunten or the second option in the menu of the FSB website (online).

    Points will be published each two runs starting as from 4 Sep 1300 Hr.

    The WE status (4-5 Sep) of the points for the qualification into the final with 16 participants in Double Outrun can be found here results WE

    Qualif trial Conti 2020 and BC Cl3

    The qualifying weekend for the Continental 2020 will take place from 4 to 6 September. We want to leave every opportunity open for drivers to participate in the Continental in Switzerland.
    The competition is also, let's not forget, the competition for the Belgian Championship Class 3.

    The course of the weekend takes into account the strict rules of the municipality of Lommel.

    The number of people who can be present together on the field is strongly limited, with the consequence that the formula of the competition will be adapted. Bubbles are the new concept and obliges groups of max 10 persons to come and go at the right moment for their run. The composition of the starting lists thus becomes a non-trivial exercise that will determine the smooth running of the contest.

    Days 1 and 2 will take place as follows:

    Start of the first bubble around noon. The following bubbles will arrive and leave according to the instructions on the starting list (to come)

    Day 3 is a double outrun for the 16 finalists. Details will follow soon.

    We are planning a communication of the points through the website "online" for the three days. This allows everyone to follow the evolution of the contest without having to be physically present.

    Thank you for your understanding

    Essene Trial 2020 BC Class 1 Open Class 2 Info

    Essene Trial 2020

    12 - 13 sep.

    Belgian championship Class 1

    Open Class 2

    Registration on teh website FSB. Registrations will open on Monday 17 Aug.


    The fee for registration is €15 for FSB members or Club De Dender members and €17,5 for not members / run.

    registrations will close on Friday 4 september 2020.

    Payment on account

    IBAN : BE80 0017 2254 3477 (Schapendrijvers Denderstreek) with mention : “Essenetrial 2020”

    before 4 Sep at the latest.

    Your registration is only valid after reception of a confirmation email.

    Organisation by "Schapendrijvers Denderstreek"

    under the auspices of the


    Terrains Schapendrijvers Denderstreek


    1790 Essene(Affligem)

    Final qualification Continental 2020 and Belgian Championship Class 3 - info

    FSB is organising the FINAL on 4-5-6 September 2020 for the Belgian Championship Class 3 and the quallification weekend for the Belgian team 2020 in in Switzerland.

    Friday 4/09/2020 : entitled participants class 3
    Saturday 5/09/2020 : entitled participants class 3
    Sunday 6/09/2020 : final double outrun (16 finalists)

    jury 1: to be defined

    jury 2: to be defined

    Sheep: Stijn de Vroey

    Location: Oude Maai w/n 3920 Lommel

    According to the CSC rules each handler can register 2 dogs for the finals.

    Entries open on 19 June and will be accepted until 31/07/2020 on the FSB site.


    Entry fee: 80,- per combination ( wire transfer on account FSB : IBAN BE 86 734-0187057-50).

    PS: The FSB Board has decided not to take the points obtained during Kagge's prequalification in 2019 into account for the calculation of the results of the final. The proposed number of pre-qualifying trials could not be provided due to the force majeure of the lockdown and forces us to adjust the competition rules for the Continental 2020.

    Essene trial BC Class 1 rescheduled on 12 - 13 Sep

    The board of the Denderstreek has decided to postpone the Essene trial (also Belgian championship for Class 1) from 6-7 June to 12-13 Sep 2020.

    The Dender trial is confirmed on 26 en 27 september.

    Calendar is adapted.

    Reserve date or Belgian Championship Cl 2 (13-14 June) in case of cancelation (Corona)

    17-18 october are added to the calendar as reserve days for the St Ferdinand trial in case of a concelation due to the Corona measures.

    Confirmation of the june or october edition of the Belgian Championship Class 2 will be confirmed from the moment that we receive the green light.

    New pictures of trials are published on the site

    Thanks to Rudolf de Donder for the beautifull pictures he delivered during the Havinnes trial and the Pentecost trial in Duffel:



    Thanks also to Ann Verhulst for the nice reporting on the qualification weekend and Belgian Championship Class 3 in Geel.


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